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Welcome to the Door4U Art Gallery.

Being an artist (photo-artist), I always wanted to show my work and I found out many of the people I liked best, my friends,  were artists.   They were Musicians, Sculptors, Graphic artists (pen, pencil, airbrush etc.) and multi-talented artists combining two or more or the arts.   Many of these people work at some other job, because art, in the U.S., seems to be a difficult way to make a living.  Some work in jobs that use their art and some not.   It seems as we artists age, we find that the desire to produce art and show it becomes more important.   I’ve always liked the Pink Floyd line “Art for Art’s sake and Money for God’s sake”.   Now that we have found ways to create money, we are still not satisfied, because our art is still lingering on the back burner.  It’s not like we haven’t sold our art in the past, some with recording contracts, some in advertising, some in special effects for film, and like myself in the recording industry doing album cover art and promotional photography and various other projects, But this art was commercial, for money’s sake not Art’s sake.

Now I’ve collected some of my friend’s art, and rounded up some others (artists whose living is making art) to show, and placed it on this website for you to enjoy and, if you are so moved, to purchase or commission original pieces.

Look at these artists and enjoy:
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More to come.
Art for Art’s Sake
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