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The practical aspects of purposeful mechanical devices and the immutable laws of physics seem to have been my foundation for the exploration into the more psychological and emotional pursuit of Fine Art.  I have no doubt that Michaelangelo’s first thought as he stood back and stared at the 14 foot tall chunk of marble that became his “David” was “I’d better make sure this bastard doesn’t fall over”  With this problem solved he must have, and only then,  begun to consider the more delicate aspects of his creation.

Wood has been of particular interest to me, as it provides some limitations in which to work, and often in “Found Wood” (as opposed to kiln dried, stabilized wood)  it not only dictates the end result but often inspires it.  The struggle for control I experience with wood allows me to execute a predictable result, but only on the wood’s own terms, resulting not in a compromise, but rather a kind of collaboration.  The studies shown here are best described as such.  In a word, these females portrayed here may be nude and revealing, but they are no means easy.
Pelli visits with Art Critic Clement Greenberg, in New York City, who was consulting for the buyer of one of Pelli’s works.  He called Pelli a “Virtuoso in Wood”
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